Nov 022012

A review by James Westfall

Another CD fell into my lap this week, and I’ve had the pleasure of
getting to sample this album prior to its official release date. The
Blue Stones and churcHouse have teamed up to present How’s That Sound?
tomorrow, November 3rd, at FM Lounge in Windsor, Ontario. The show
will be supported by special guests The Tyres and Menos Mal, also from
the Windsor area.

How’s That Sound? is the second official release by The Blue Stones
and was recorded, mixed and mastered by Brett Humber at Sound Foundry
Studios in Kingsville, Ontario, who clearly has an ear for precision,
and a taste for perfection, and demonstrates it well in these finely
crafted songs.
Seven tracks combining recognizably retro rhythms with raw rock, yet
radio-ready melodies, developing a new kind of classic filled with
energy and ready to be heard by the masses.
The Blue Stones deliver a quality album that is guaranteed to satisfy,
offering plenty of diversity, displaying their range in the classic
vintage sounds of Patience and Soul’s Full in comparison to the more
accelerating songs Make Your Move and Rolling With The Punches.
Tarek Jafar’s whirlwind guitar and amped-up vocal distortion matched
with Justin Tessier’s thunderous beats reach an unforgiving
in-your-face climax on the fourth track, Criminals, aggressive by
nature, but not ill-natured. A sound not with mean intentions, but
that demands attention. Insisting to be heard and deserving to be
Note: best enjoyed at high volume.
How’s That Sound? is seven cranked up songs of solid ass-kicking that
will tear right through you, Eat You Up, test your patience and leave
your soul full, with no room for bullshit. But in the words of the
opening track “Sometimes you gotta say what the fuck? Make Your Move”,
as these two well-suited gentlemen have certainly done. Earning
themselves the title of Windsor’s best-dressed indie rock
representatives. Showing that they know well how to present themselves
and proving that they can certainly Roll With The Punches and
definitely deserve “all [they’ve] ever wanted”!

To answer their question, How’s That Sound?… I say to The Blue Stones,
Fuckin’ eh!

Visit the official website:
cHeck out The Blue Stones, Menos Mal and other artist profiles right
here on the churcHouse Community Network:

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  1. I came across this record while browsing Bancamp and was blown away. Loud, bluesy, and hard-rocking with no frills. Great record. I’m gonna be keeping an eye on this band.

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